• ​200 Activities of Self-Care

    Dec 3rd 2021

    ​200 Activities of Self-Care

    200 Activities of Self-CareMake time for yourself.Making time for yourself will make you feel less rushed, less stressed, and more able to be present in the moments that you want to be. There are end…

    Published by Ramy Gafni

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  • Pandemic Beauty Hacks

    Sep 30th 2020

    Pandemic Beauty Hacks

    Beauty in the age of Corona. Do we even care anymore? After six months of social distancing, masks, working from home or not working at all, I think we've all started shopping at I-have-no-F's-left-to…

    Published by Ramy Gafni

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  • Best of Oscar Beauty 2017

    Feb 28th 2017

    Best of Oscar Beauty 2017

    This year's Academy Awards did not disappoint in the beauty arena. We had the usual "Good, bad and 'What the Hell'" but everyone made an effort which is what keeps things interesting. I was going to…

    Published by Ramy Gafni

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  • Aug 30th 2016

    VMA 2016 Beauty Roundup

    This year's Video Music Awards had the usual mix of the good, the bad and the outrageous but there was one makeup trend that dominated the event: The No Makeup Makeup.Famous faces like Kim Kardashian,…

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