"Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact!"

Innovative products that don't end up in your makeup drawer!

As a makeup artist, I discovered that when clients wanted to look natural but at their best certain colors blend into the skin better than others and call less attention to themselves. Certain colors really enhance one's eye color. That you can achieve almost any look in minutes if you use multi-purpose products.

Why a makeup artist's brand? Many cosmetic companies are what I refer to as "Me Too" brands. They have no knowledge or interest in which formulas are best for the skin or which colors will make you look the most beautiful. They see the success of another cosmetic company and think "Me Too!"

They simply crank out products in cutesy packaging, hoping to make a buck off of your impulse purchase.

How many times have you been talked into buying a bunch of products only to find they don't work for your skin type or wear well?

As a makeup artist, I've spent my career (actually, my whole life!) seeking out the best formulas, ingredients and colors to transform anyone into a glowing, radiant beauty! Passing this knowledge and experience, not to mention industry secrets on to you is my mission.

I created RAMY beauty therapy ® to enable you to find and enhance your own natural beauty with style and ease. All my products and techniques allow you to create any look - from natural to dramatic - without overwhelming your features!

I hope that you enjoy my multi-purpose products and that they inspire you to express your own natural style and beauty!