Pandemic Beauty Hacks

Pandemic Beauty Hacks

Published by Ramy Gafni on Sep 30th 2020

Beauty in the age of Corona. Do we even care anymore? After six months of social distancing, masks, working from home or not working at all, I think we've all started shopping at I-have-no-F'

One universal truth is that we have all learned just how long we can go without a haircut, a Brow grooming, a Facial and any of the other things we do to look and feel our best. 

When I created Ramy beauty therapy (AKA Ramy Cosmetics) it was after I had a bout with Cancer. My original "beauty therapy" concept was to share what I learned while going through Chemo - that when you take an action to pamper yourself or improve your appearance, you not only look better, you truly feel better. 

I was reminded of my original philosophy during my months in lockdown. I also had those moments of knowing I needed a haircut and then thinking, "Meh, who's going to see it anyway?" Luckily my vanity nudged me to my barber in the East Village (once he was allowed to re-open and with all safety precautions in place).

I told him how I literally hadn't set foot outside my building in nearly four months and my obsession with my hair will probably be listed as my cause of death someday. 

For me, going to the barber was also an act of defiance. An exercise in overcoming my fear of Covid-19. However, it was also something else. While I'd become debatably proficient at cutting my own hair, having it done right by a professional made me feel human again. I imagine it's what people rescued from a desert island feel like after they shower and get groomed.  

It reminded me about beauty therapy. Beauty: A pleasing quality associated with form or color Therapy: A healing power or quality.

So doing something - anything- that makes you feel empowered or look better is beneficial in many ways. This has never been more important than now as we navigate this global pandemic.

New Options: There are many DIY options available online. You can learn to do your own hair color, manicure, facial, makeup at home through Youtube videos and Zoom Classes. One of the first things I did in lockdown was film a Youtube video with my Do's and Don'ts for grooming your eyebrows yourself at home. 

You can check out   the video here: 

Many salons and pros are offering Virtual Services now. I've done Virtual Brow Grooming and Makeup Lessons since the lockdown and I have to say, even I'm surprised how successful they are. Clients always say they won't be able to do it and then surprise themselves. It may not be salon perfect, but it's infinitely better than than doing nothing at all and can be a real morale booster.

New Problems: A question I've gotten repeatedly is how to prevent makeup smearing onto your mask. Some people tell me that since they wear a mask, they don't bother with lipstick, while others refuse to give up their lipstick but hate getting on their mask.

New Solutions: You can do several things to prevent lipstick smears from masks. One, switch to a long wear formula. It can be a bit drying, but will stay on your lips and not on your mask.

Two, Apply your favorite lipstick, then separate a tissue and hold the one ply up to your lips. Then pat some translucent powder onto the tissue and remove the tissue and re-apply lipstick. This trick should give any lipstick great staying power.

Three, opt for lipsticks that are either matte or have a shimmer. These formulas have longer staying power that cream or satin formula lipsticks and shimmers will leave color and residue on your lips even if some may smear on your mask.

Four: If lip color isn't for your during our mask-wearing days, shift the focus to your eyes. Maintain your brows and play up your eyes. You don't have to do a dramatic makeup (unless that's your thing!), but defining the eyes with eyeliner, mascara and a little highlighter can make a world of difference.

The key is to do anything that makes you feel good and gives your spirit a boost.

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