The Craziest Eyebrow Trends

The Craziest Eyebrow Trends

Published by Ramy Gafni on Sep 11th 2017


Everyone online today wants as many followers and as many post likes as they can get. Bloggers, influencers, beauty "experts" are all competing for social media popularity which has become money in the bank. 

As a result, people are getting very creative and are creating posts designed to be as unique and outrageous as possible. One result of the current frenzy are crazy eyebrow trends. Here are some of the current crazy brow trends and my take on them:

The Braided Brow:

My initial reaction was mild horror, followed by "Wow, these people have alot of time on their hands!" but I must admit, it's actually a cool makeup trick. I'm for any brow trend as long as it doesn't harm the eyebrows or do permanent damage. 

Dragon Brows:

 While also fun and non-damaging, the Dragon look isn't a look I'd suggest for anyone. To create this look, simply brush your brows upward using a spooly (Browtility) brush and create the spikes using eye lash glue. It might be a fun look to rock while watching the season finale of Game of Thrones!

Brow Carving:

Brow Carving is a makeup technique to use when you want your brows to be the focal point of your face. You can try this with an eyebrow stencil or without. Basically you outline your brows with eyeliner or shadow to give your brows a dramatic frame. It's trending big time on Instagram so it must be good, right?

Freedom Brows:

A picture is worth a thousand words....While this is clearly just for fun, it is one way to conceal your unibrow in a pinch.

Barbed Wire Brows:


The Barbed Wire Brow is the predecessor of the Dragon Brow. Use clear mascara and/or false eyelash adhesive to hold your hairs in place to create this barbed wire effect. Because why should beauty be just about looking beautiful?

Squiggly Brows:

Another effect created using makeup (concealer and brow filler) and thankfully not the result of actually shaping  the brows into these squiggly shapes. Again, why ruin a beautiful face just to be trendy?

While the playful looks above are fun and creative, I'm a purist who will always advocate full, beautifully shaped brows for optimum beauty.

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