Fake Fuller Lips

The Look: Fuller Lips!



1. Staying on your lip line, draw a lip pencil starting at your cupid's bow and extend it to the end of your lips so that your lips are outlined in the pencil. Keep the line on your actual lip line, with an eye towards building up the shape (an eye towards fullness), but stay in the realm of reality. Choose either a lip toned pencil (Model is using Laugh Line Lip Pencil) or a darker shade like Pick Up Line Lip Pencil for a more dramatic effect.



2. The end result of the lip pencil should look like this. The lips are outlined with the shape slightly built up.


3. Using a lip brush, apply the Pure Juice Highlighter to the center of your lower lip, blending the highlighter back and forth. Then add a dot of the Pure Juice Highlighter below the center of your lower lip and between your cupid's bow on your upper lip.Blend well.This is a photographer's trick that makes your lips look their fullest!


After you've applied the Highlighter your lips should look like the pic above.


4. Apply lip gloss. A shimmery, light-reflective color like Lucky in Love works best.


Enjoy your luscious fuller lips!

Click the image below to watch Ramy create a one-minute fuller lip on the Meredith Vieira Show!


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