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Big Smokey Eyes, Nude Lips

The Look: Big Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips



1. Perfect your complexion. Model is wearing Liqui-Powder Elixir Foundation in Almond Princess and Skin Stick HD Concealer #3.


2. Apply blush in Alive! onto cheeks and onto crease of eyes using Capra Blush Brush. Add Pure Juice Highlighter high up on cheekbones.


3. Add Pure Juice Highlighter to tear ducts, blendlind it out across your eyelids.


4. Nude Lips: Apply lipstick in Maya!, then line your lips with the Laugh Line Lip Pencil. Top it off with the Lip Gloss in Gettin' Lucky!


5. Fill brows with Perfect Brow Wand.


6. Using the Perfect Eye Wand, Line upper and lower lashline with the liner end, then draw the shadow end onto the crease of your eyes. Blend shadow using your fingertip.


7. Apply One Stop Shopping Mascara to upper lashline only.


8. Optional: For more drama, add false eyelashes!

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